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The complexity of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) codes makes it impractical if not impossible for many small and medium sized enterprises to organise their B-BBEE affairs in-house. They lack the specialist skills and manpower, while their need to run their businesses means the timelines of compliance are usually beyond their capabilities.

B-BBEE is an unavoidable part of business compliance in South Africa. Innovative BEE Solutions will assist your company by ensuring that you derive the best possible value from following the processes and expenses associated with complying with B-BBEE regulations. Many of our clients have been awarded tenders and contracts because we enabled them to achieve the improved B-BBEE compliance levels required.

With South Africa’s ever-changing economic environment, B-BBEE has become so sophisticated and complex that it necessitates specialist skills. The complexity of B-BBEE codes makes it almost impossible for most small-and medium-sized businesses to organise their scorecard returns and to implement their strategies. Our consultants’ professional and expert approach has helped to increase most of our clients’ company rating by two levels on average, sometimes with minimal effort, simply because of their expertise and proficiency in understanding the regulations.

We achieve this by coordinating all B-BBEE-related activities ensure every activity is captured and documented, implementing innovative and inexpensive activities, and by training staff on how to continuously improve the company’s ratings.

We assist your company to comply with B-BBEE regulations while simultaneously enhancing your business efficiency. Our driving goal is to help educate clients on how to affordably integrate B-BBEE policies, social responsibility initiatives and enterprise development into their strategic vision. The aim is to encourage sustainable business growth and social development among companies who strive for an improved rating, and who regard B-BBEE processes as an important economic objective for South Africa.

As a middle-income country, South Africa has an abundance of semi-skilled workers, who, at times, can be a challenge to manage.


Implementation and management of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act of 2003 requires that three groups of people be involved in the process:

  • DTI (Department of Trade and Industry)
  • Verification Agencies (SANAS certified agencies)
  • Consultation companies

Innovative BEE Solutions are B-BBEE consultants, who guide and assist companies in complying with the Act, so they may benefit from opportunities that this legislation affords, and maximise their B-BBEE scorecard rating – without breaking the bank. We aim to uphold the two main objectives of the B-BBEE Code: economic growth and equal opportunity. Equal opportunity for all stakeholders means that your business now has the opportunity to apply for government tenders alongside any other suitably qualified business.


More about the Innovative Solutions Group

Fostering a culture centred on excellence across the group, our Group prides itself on performance, innovation and entrepreneurial vigour


Our Subsidiaries Include:

Innovative Accounting Solutions (IAS)

By outsourcing finance and accounting processes to Innovative Accounting Solutions, companies have found they can access resources and best practices otherwise beyond their reach. In choosing to do business with us, we assist you in developing better benchmark and baseline financial processes to help your company meet all its regulatory requirements. Simplifying and standardising finance and accounting processes is a key characteristic of well-run companies. Among the variety of outcomes this provides, our consulting division ensures you will not pay one cent more tax than you are legally obliged to, thereby freeing up your cash flow.

Innovative Staffing Solutions (ISS)

As a middle-income country, South Africa has an abundance of low-skilled and semi-skilled workers, who at times can be a challenge to manage. Conversely skilled workers and those in managerial positions are in high demand, short supply and are expensive to retain. Staffing a business can therefore be time-consuming, taxing, demanding and often wearisome when management ought to be focusing on the core competencies of the business. Innovative Staffing Solutions offers an alternative to this dilemma by assuming responsibility and accountability for your staff, ensuring they are trained, proficient and suited to your specific business’ needs. We boast unparalleled human resource and industrial relations expertise to manage your staff and recruitment processes. In fact, we manage over 5,500 employees and have never experienced a single incident of labour unrest.

Innovative PPE Solutions (IPS)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) refers to protective gear such as helmets, goggles, pads, guards, shields, masks and other garments or equipment, which are designed to protect individuals from injury or infection. South Africa is a country of many hazards, including physical, heat, electrical, biohazards, chemicals, and airborne matter. Protective clothing and equipment is required by law for job-related occupational safety and health purposes, particularly in the mining, industrial, security and transport sectors, as well as for sports and recreational activities. We will ensure that your protective clothing meets legal requirements and is only of the highest quality. By providing us with an outline of your business and your specific needs we will tailor the type of PPE needed to address your prerequisites and provide you with the most cost-effective solution.

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